mtSky has established a bunkering team in Albania which allows all Commercial and Private yachts to bunker at Duty Free prices.
Diesel fuel is provided to yachts, mainly by fuel trucks, with the care of the port authority and custom of each region.
Our partners has established an organized their companies, so as to handle the refueling requirements of yachts in every area with the best prices in Albania.
Gas and luboils are available at the stations and not at pumps near the pier.

We can supply every yacht that is interested with diesel oil with 0% VAT. The oil comes from Porto Romano stores in Durres distance of 250 km to Limion Bunkering Port in Saranda.
24 hour pre-notice is required if is possible.

As licensed agents working directly with national marine bunkering companies, is important for you to know the quality and quantity of the fuel and lubricants you order. Fuel samples & fuel analysis are provided to captains upon request.